Roddiva Couture

Roddiva Couture is an innovative and modest apparel brand inspired by the enchanting and demure culture of the Arab world. Our collections empower women by combining an aesthetic of timeless style with a sophisticated edge.  All of our pieces are handmade warranting a distinguished look that is both luxurious and glamorous without compromising the demure needs of our clients. Our appeal is creative and playful. By merely unzipping a transformative design the beauty of a woman is unleashed. Taking the look from feminine humility to a strong diva, daytime apparel to night time elegance and deceptively simple to simply alluring. 

Our designer Marwa Lamlum has continuously had a fervent inclination to the field of art. She is acknowledged for her transformative designs that a modest modern woman can wear within the work environment, but with a simple twist it can be appropriate for an elegant evening occasion. Being born and raised in multiple cultures and environments inspired her and gave her the ability to blend her knowledge together to create outfits that seal the gap between fashion and modesty. 

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