History and Influence

SARAY AND VALLEY is the result of a union between two Dubai based fashion labels previously known as Saray Couture and Valley. The brands have been in the market for sometime and have been appreciated by local and international buyers. Following a few short-term collaborations that turned into success brought together the idea to merge the brands and form one powerful team.  Carrying on their individual brand names, which are valuable to the founders, they united the two names each representing the different cultures they come from and forming a new high fashion label.

SARAY AND VALLEY represents modest fashion and glamour; their pieces are a result of both skills and reflection of their individual styles. All the pieces are hand made in addition the embellishments are crafted by skilled crafts experts locally in the Northern Emirates and in India and Pakistan. The designers design and mix both western and eastern influences to cater to all styles. 

About the Designers

Aytan is a fashion forward stylista of Azerbaijani origin, but raised in Dubai, she comes from a multicultural background that drove her interest in fashion. She also speaks multiple languages. Her hobbies include writing poems, drawing, painting, travelling and reading books.  Aytan is also a graduate of Herriot Watt University, where she studied business.  Following her graduation she decided to follow her passion for fashion and establish a fashion label. Aytans signature pieces reflect femininity and glamour.

Amina says she has a gypsy soul and to be a fashion designer has been her destiny. Born in the beautiful valley of Kashmir inspirations have never been a problem. She moved to Dubai and instantly fell in love; this has been home ever since.  Amina has studied business and has over 13 years of experience in marketing and building brands.


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