Sumaya Abdulrazak

Founder and Fashion Designer, Sumaya Abdulrazak

Emirati designer extraordinaire, Sumaya Abdulrazak combines Eastern artistry with Western couture to create fashion catering to the contemporary urban woman confidently sashaying the globe. With defined cuts and fine workmanship, each outfit integrates the right amount of color and ‘oomph’ blending gracefully to make any woman feel on top of the world.

Established in 2012, the prêt wear brand, with its mellifluous flowing fabric has grown to embrace Dubai's contemporary cultural energy. Designed for the young and upwardly mobile, the label synergistically blends the exotic past of the Middle East with the potpourri that defines the future of a burgeoning nation.

Sumaya, has always been confident that a fusion of the east and west would create something spectacular. A childhood passion for colors and fabric and with a flair for expressing herself through her creations has evolved to create a synergistic trend with every collection she has launched. This has led to her gaining ardent fans in fashion, lifestyle and film celebrities who swear by her prêt wear.

Quote by Sumaya Abdulrazak 

“Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful and glamorous, these gowns are perfect and make every woman look like the star of the show. At our launch, we were quite pleased with the general response received from the blogosphere, and keenly look forward to the public response to this collection.”

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